Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based backup and computing model designed to safeguard applications and data against disruption from disasters. By utilizing cloud resources, DRaaS offers complete system backup, ensuring business continuity in case of system failures.DRaaS involves replicating and backing up all cloud data and applications, functioning as a secondary infrastructure. This secondary environment allows seamless continuation of daily business operations while the primary system undergoes repairs. Applications can run on virtual machines (VMs) at any time, even without an actual disaster.

This service encompasses policies and procedures for recovering critical technology infrastructure post-disaster, whether natural or human-induced. With a focus on IT systems supporting vital business functions, DRaaS acts as a cloud-based disaster recovery solution. It serves as a flexible gateway for organizations using on-premise solutions, enabling replication and testing on the cloud without discarding existing systems. Ultimately, DRaaS empowers businesses to maintain operational integrity and adaptability in the face of unexpected disruptions.

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