Monthly Managed Service

Strad Solutions' managed cloud service serves as an enhanced solution crafted to empower enterprises with the benefits of cloud computing, eliminating the necessity for hands-on maintenance of intricate computing systems.
Our service simplifies the responsibilities tied to cloud management through a dedicated team committed to delivering efficient, reliable, and easily accessible services. Clients gain from the proficiency of designated professional account managers who specialize in supervising cloud infrastructure, allowing their internal IT teams to focus on crucial business activities. Furthermore, we provide 24/7 monitoring and support to minimize downtime and elevate overall business continuity.

What we offer

Strad Solutions crafts bespoke cloud services tailored to individual needs, managing everything from single servers to extensive infrastructures with the watchful oversight of our Network Operation Center (NOC) for uninterrupted performance. Our scalable cloud solutions seamlessly adjust to dynamic business demands, eliminating hefty upfront investments. Specializing in infrastructure optimization, we prioritize an enhanced user experience. Our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions, inclusive of meticulous data backups, ensure robust contingency planning. Moreover, we provide compliance options, including adherence to regulatory standards such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR, fortifying both regulatory compliance and data security for our clientele.
Service Category Basic Package Advanced Package Enterprise Package
Security Services Identity and Access Management, Web Application Firewall Key Management Service, Threat Detection Identity and Access Management, Key Management, Threat Detection
Application Services Platform Service Workflow, API Integration Fully Managed, Notification Service, Queue Service
Uptime & Reliability DNS Service, Content Delivery Load Balancer, High Availability Infrastructure as Code, DDoS Protection
Backup & Recovery Centralized Backup Backup Storage, Centralized Backup Centralized Backup, Physical Data Transfer
Monitoring & Logging Monitoring Audit Logging, Resource Tracking Distributed Tracing, Policy Compliance
Disaster Recovery DRaaS, Account Management
Compute Services Virtual Servers Serverless Computing Managed Platform, Auto Scaling, Batch Computing
Storage Services Block Storage , Object Storage using S3 API Block Storage, Transfer Acceleration Cold Storage, Hybrid Storage
Database Services Relational Database NoSQL Database, Managed Database Data Warehouse, Database Migration, Graph Database
Network Services Virtual Private Cloud Dedicated Network, Domain Name Service Network Hub, DNS & Routing
Experience the power of a secure and cost-effective cloud ecosystem for all your digital needs.